How do I register?

Email with your interest

What should my kids wear and what should they bring to training?

Please refer to the policy statement for uniform details.

Who do I look for when I am there?

Please look for one of many TAFA coaches. They will be wearing the uniforms with the TAFA name and logo on the back.

Are your coaches Certified?

Yes, all our Coaches are certified by the English FA or AFC and/or the RFU

Can I join anytime, or do I need to wait for the next intake?

Email us at to see if there are available spaces.

What is your coach to student ratio?


How long are the lessons?

Each session is one hour long

If I am not able to attend a lesson, will there be any make up class?

Unfortunately no, there will not be any make up classes.

If my child is advanced, can he move up to the next class even if they are not old enough yet?

Only with the coach’s permission! We typically ask that you attend the first class in the appropriate age group. Only after the coach has met your child and the children in both the current class and the next class up can they make an informed decision as to the children’s abilities, demeanour, physical size, and class sizes to determine what class would be best.

Can I pay as we go during the sessions?

Unfortunately not, the entire session must be paid in full at the time of registration.

When do you train?

Depends on which age category you are in but below is the current schedule: Monday 3pm - 4pm: Grassroots 4pm - 5pm: U8’s 5pm - 6pm: U14’s Tuesday 3pm - 4pm: Grasshoppers 4pm - 5pm: U10’s 5pm - 6pm: U12’s Wednesday 3pm - 4pm: Grassroots 4pm - 5pm: U8’s 5pm - 6pm: U14’s Thursday
3pm - 4pm: Grasshoppers 4pm - 5pm: U10’s 5pm - 6pm: U12’s Friday 4pm - 5pm: Girls’ Junior 5pm - 6pm: Girls’ Senior

How much does it cost?

Please email for this information.

Can we attend a trial session?

Yes, please email and will can arrange this.

What happens when it’s raining

The first term is indoors to ensure we don’t have to cancel sessions.

What are the days off?

We do not train on public holidays and Poya days.

Email for more information

+94 76 699 8232

23/7 Schofield Place, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka

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