About Trooper Rugby

A subsidiary of TAFA Coaching, Trooper Rugby offers boys and girls aged 3 - 14 years old the equal opportunity to learn the ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination) of Rugby in a fun, safe and professional environment.


Whether getting a head start on your child’s rugby career, or cultivating the skills needed to be a good sportsperson, Trooper Rugby’s personalised training routines promotes teamwork and the development of physical & mental skills.


Offering young athletes access to experienced local and international coaches and rugby professionals, Trooper Rugby aims to develop your child’s athletics skills, as well as their personal abilities and character.


We don't just train, we educate.

Coaches note: Rameez Rafeek

This is my second year at Trooper Rugby and I have already seen an improvement in the standard from last years players. It is encouraging to see more children pick up rugby from a young age. I’m excited to work alongside the TAFA coaches this season and hope to see the sport grow further. 

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